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Virus,Spyware and Malware Support

Viruses, spyware and malware are everywhere nowadays and pose a significant threat to businesses. All it takes is for somebody to open an attachment on a cleverly worded email or to click on a seemingly harmless advert and a PC or network is susceptible to attack.


Although viruses, spyware and malware vary in the way they work, they’re all designed to destroy, copy or corrupt data. Symptoms such as slow-running systems, crashing or pop-ups may be the first sign for a business that it has a problem.


If you want to put measures in place to protect your business, or if you think you have already been infected, please speak to Grovenet. Our team of engineers are highly skilled in the detection and removal of such infections, and will leave your business’s PC or system clean and in top working order.


Grovenet can also advise on and install Antivirus software. Whether you’ve got software already in place, or want to take steps to prevent unwanted intrusions going forward, we’ll make sure your existing or new installation is configured correctly to deal with known and new threats.

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