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PC Health Check Up Services

Just like a car, PCs need regular servicing to make sure they’re working to their optimum and performing as they should be. If ignored, they can become sluggish, noisy, prone to over-heating and open to data loss.


To give your business and PCs a clean bill of health, Grovenet offers a checking service to identify problems and provide a solution. Among other things, this service includes:


  • Hardware diagnostics, including motherboard, memory, hard-drive and processor
  • Software updates and patches checked and applied
  • A complete scan for viruses, spyware and malware
  • Disk clean-up to remove unnecessary files and other build-up
  • Disk defragmentation to optimise performance and speed
  • Advice on potential performance enhancements


These checks not only address current issues, but also prevent future problems, potentially saving businesses from costly repairs and lost data going forward.


If you’re interested in a PC health check for your business, contact the Grovenet team today.

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